Nov 21, 2017

Watch Straps at Godshaws

Revitalise your watch with a new leather watch strap from Godshaws!

Not many people know we offer replacement watch straps at Godshaws, so we would like to spread the word! With a lot of wear, leather straps will eventually get a little worn and need replacing. At Godshaws we offer a wide range of genuine leather watch straps by Darlena. Darlena specialise in fine quality leather watch straps, offering a traditional and contemporary range for you to choose from. Whether your strap has given up the ghost, or you just fancy a change of colour, we’ll find the right strap for you!

We stock straps from 6mm up to 26mm in width. The extreme ends of the spectrum are quite rare so the choice is a little more limited.

Certain styles are anti-allergy and water-resistant. Our lovely staff will point you in the direction if this is what you’re after.

The majority of straps are available in standard length and extra long. Small wrists? Not to worry, we can punch extra holes in your watch strap as needed!

All straps are unisex.

We provide straps in a rainbow of colours! From classic black and brown, to bright pink and purple. And everything inbetween!

Styles include silk | grained | Croc | Lizard | unstitched | padded | satin | box | glazed | saddle stitch | Alligator and many more


Missing pin? Broken lugs?

No problem! We can replace most pins and lugs while you wait, small charge of £5 each or free of charge when buying one of our watch straps.

We look forward to helping your watch find it’s new look!


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