February 22, 2018

Ear Piercing at Godshaws

Get your ears pierced at Godshaws!

Not many people know we offer ear piercing at Godshaws, but we have done for years! No need to make an appointment, just pop in and as long as the manager is here he will book you in straight away.

We offer 3 different options; £65 18ct yellow gold stud, £40 14ct yellow gold stud and £45 14ct yellow gold cz single stone stud. All prices include the ear piercing and a pair of earrings.

We use the Inverness ear piercing system which features;

• Medically-hygienic, hand pressured, no touch system
• Premium hypoallergenic metals with many beautiful piercing designs available
• Ultra-thin piercing posts with a finely honed surgical tip for the gentlest piercing possible
• Patented safety back to shield the piercing tip, promote safe healing, and provide maximum comfort. Patent No. 6,074,406
• Inverness Ear Care Solution for safe & soothing healing of newly pierced ears


The state of the art, hand pressured piercing instrument allows for a gentle, quiet piercing every time. It takes just a few moments and then you’re ready to go! We advise purchasing the Inverness Ear care solution, specially developed to promote healing and maintain a healthy piercing. Purchase in store for £2.95.

We have been using Inverness Piercings for a long time, we find their system provides the safest and gentlest experience. Our trained Inverness expert will talk you through the process and caring for your newly pierced ears. Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here and happy to help.

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February 16, 2018

Mother’s Day!

Time to treat the Mummas of this earth to something special this Mother’s Day!

Let’s take a moment to let the mother figures in our lives know how loved they are! The Mum’s, Grandmas, Guardians, your best friends first Mother’s Day, the dad’s who have played both roles, the cat who just had kittens… at Godshaws we have something for everyone! Except maybe the Cat, she might prefer Whiskers.



Thomas Sabo Charm       |      Jersey Pearl Necklace    |    Links of London charm     |     Chlobo love bracelet    |    Clogau Tree of Life Pendant 






A new charm for her bracelet, a necklace for that special occasion, a bracelet for everyday to remind her of you… there are many ways to spoil them and let our Mums know that we appreciate everything they do for us! Maybe her favourite piece of jewellery needs repairing or a good spring clean, but she doesn’t have time to get round to it? Pop them into us and we can have her treasured items sparkling as good as new in no time!


Add a personal touch to your gift and have a message or date engraved onto your jewellery. We engrave most items on site, and free of charge if purchased from Godshaws!


Mother’s Day 11th March 2018


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November 21, 2017

Watch Straps at Godshaws

Revitalise your watch with a new leather watch strap from Godshaws!

Not many people know we offer replacement watch straps at Godshaws, so we would like to spread the word! With a lot of wear, leather straps will eventually get a little worn and need replacing. At Godshaws we offer a wide range of genuine leather watch straps by Darlena. Darlena specialise in fine quality leather watch straps, offering a traditional and contemporary range for you to choose from. Whether your strap has given up the ghost, or you just fancy a change of colour, we’ll find the right strap for you!

We stock straps from 6mm up to 26mm in width. The extreme ends of the spectrum are quite rare so the choice is a little more limited.

Certain styles are anti-allergy and water-resistant. Our lovely staff will point you in the direction if this is what you’re after.

The majority of straps are available in standard length and extra long. Small wrists? Not to worry, we can punch extra holes in your watch strap as needed!

All straps are unisex.

We provide straps in a rainbow of colours! From classic black and brown, to bright pink and purple. And everything inbetween!

Styles include silk | grained | Croc | Lizard | unstitched | padded | satin | box | glazed | saddle stitch | Alligator and many more


Missing pin? Broken lugs?

No problem! We can replace most pins and lugs while you wait, small charge of £5 each or free of charge when buying one of our watch straps.

We look forward to helping your watch find it’s new look!


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November 13, 2017

Pre-Owned necklace

The latest addition to our pre-owned collection is this unusual sterling silver necklace set with turquoise and coral, RRP £30.

Welcome to the newest member of our pre-owned collection! Coral and turquoise. This happy and harmonious colour combination has been the ruling team of 2017.  Their playful yet earthy colours are bright, eye catching and good for your soul! Coral ENERGISES, while turquoise soothes and tranquillises. Bursting with positivity, this is the perfect necklace to boost your style and your mood!

The complementary shades of turquoise and coral combine with the use of feathers to create a Traditional Native American inspired piece of jewellery. A style and design that has captured the heart and imagination of the jewellery industry this year.  In particular, Thomas Sabo, the well known fashion brand.

Thomas Sabo charm clubThomas Sabo Ethnic CollectionThomas Sabo has created an Ethnic Collection where you can “discover the power of the Native American Indian talisman Dreamcatcher”, rich with brightly coloured stones and intricate detailing, there’s plenty of turquoise and coral to be found!

Ethnic feather charm £49

Ethno Dreamcatcher Necklace £239

Thomas Sabo is available at Godshaw Jewellers. 


In 2018 fashion is to retain it’s feeling of fun, colour and glamour with a sense of strength, free-spirit and self-expression. Get ready for the new year with this energised pre-loved necklace for just £30! Available at our Welwyn Garden City branch.

We are very proud of our pre-owned collection and take great joy in finding new pieces. If you have an item you would like to sell that may be of interest to us, please pop in or contact us for a chat.  Due to the popularity of our pre-owned collection we are steadily building an online gallery of the collection which can be found here. If you are interested in a particular piece, please do contact us or pop in store to view.




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