At Godshaws we offer a wide range of jewellery repairs and watch repairs, and services to help you maintain, repair, alter, and personalise your jewellery and watches.


If your watch is battery powered, every year to 18 months it’s going to need a new one. We offer a replacement watch batteries at 3 different price levels depending on the brand of your watch. We also offer a battery and reseal service to ensure water resistance. No need to send your watch away, we test onsite but we do ask for a three-day testing period.

Watch Batteries £12 | £16 | £25     

Watch Battery and Reseal £50

Watch Servicing

We can service the majority of watch brands, as well as order new straps and replace glasses. Small repairs can be done on site, for larger repairs and services we would send your watch to the appropriate brand house for an estimate, for which we charge a £30 deposit that is refunded off the cost of repair should you proceed with the work.

Jewellery Repairs

We offer jewellery repairs, servicing, and restoration. Small repairs can be done in store, while more comprehensive repairs are hand delivered to our workshop every Monday and hand collected the following week. 


We hand deliver your item to our workshop for hand engraving or machine engraving depending on the item. Prices start at £40.

Ear piercing

No need to book an appointment, just pop along and ask for Dennis the Manager. Unless it happens to be his day off (usually Tuesday) then you can have your ears pierced straight away. Depending on the earrings you choose, this service is either £54.95 for 9ct studs, or £84.95 for 18ct gold studs. This includes a bottle of ear piercing cleaning solution and aftercare advice. We do have a policy of 12 yrs old and above. 

Ring removal

If you can no longer take off your ring and need it removed, we can remove your rings using our ring cutter. We recommend giving your finger approximately 4 weeks for any swelling to go down before looking to re-size. When ready we can re-join your ring to the correct size for you. We charge £10 for ring removal, but will refund this against the cost of re-sizing.   

Gold Recycling

If you’ve come across jewellery you no longer wear, don’t need any more, or would like to sell, we will always take a look and see if we can purchase and recycle your old gold.


We also make purchases for our pre-owned collection. If you have a particular item you are looking to sell that we think has a place in the pre-owned market, we will make an offer accordingly.


If you have any queries or see advice, please pop in to your nearest store or Contact us and we will be happy to help.

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